Sunday, 10 January 2016

Christmas (Aged 3).

We're now into January 2016, the decorations are down, the OH and I are back at work, and E is back at Preschool. So how was our Christmas?

Well, fun but hectic. We had 2 parties to go to before the main event, so our social life was full on from the 18th December onwards!

Christmas Eve we had a lovely pub lunch out, just the 3 of us, and then travelled to the next county for a walk on the beach, on what was practically the only sunny afternoon of the whole fortnight. So far, so good. That evening, a family dinner with my Mum & siblings at a local Chinese restaurant was slightly less successful, when a certain child was overtired/overexcited and mucked about so much that her Dad and I took it in turns to sit with her in the car for periods of time, so that other diners didn't get their meals disturbed. Monkey! She was just so exhausted. Luckily that meant she zonked out at bedtime, woohoo!

The magic of Father Christmas was so much fun. Christmas Day morning I woke up first, then waited for E to wake and see her stocking presents. She was thrilled! She kept telling us all about how she squeezed her eyes tightly shut when Father Christmas came into the bedroom, so she didn't see him. The whole day was pretty relaxed and enjoyable. We followed it with a few days staying with my OH's family, and visiting more of his side of the family in London. E had a lovely time catching up with her Grandparents and Auntie's and Uncles and we enjoyed ourselves too. Lots of good food, wine, chat, presents, and Christmas TV. We even managed to squeeze in reading a book or two!

New Year was slightly more stressful. A planned sleepover with friends didn't work quite so well. The two children either played nicely together or drove all the parents a bit nuts (there were a fair few moments of adults looking at each other and mouthing "WTF?!"). When both children were finally asleep the grown-us could relax and catch up. Unfortunately, midnight fireworks woke E up, and poor thing, she was terrified. The noise of the explosions made her physically shake in fear. After that it took a couple of hours to get her back to sleep and we spent New Years Day exhausted. We've decided to stay home next year!

However, the big news of the New Year was that E's first ever cousin (and our first niece/nephew) was born on New Year's Eve!!! Baby Bee is finally here! E is very excited about his arrival, as are we. We can't wait to meet him.  E has decided that she is going to "Teach him how to play!" and is eager to get started. I'm looking forward to cuddles too.

All in all, we had some quality family time, which was what we were hoping for over the holidays. It had its up and down moments, but that's pretty much guaranteed with small children.

Happy New Year everyone. Who knows what 2016 will bring?
The 3 of us on the beach, Christmas Eve 2015.

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