Wednesday, 9 December 2015


How to feel like a bad mother:

1. Take daughter to her gym class then head home to do "useful things".
2. Get cross with daughter for trying to play with the laptop as you do work.
3. Get grumpy with daughter for playing with her lunch, not eating it.
4. Tell daughter off when she pours paint water on the dining table on purpose because you wouldn't get her more when she asked for it, as you were busy doing the ironing. Refuse to allow her to go out on her bike as you want to do housework and can't be in 2 places at once.
5. Give some cuddles when asked but then say no to more as you want to put washing on.
6. When daughter says she has a cough tell her she doesn't because there's no evidence of one.
7. When hoovering up Christmas tree needles and bits of tinsel, cause daughter to have a dramatic, tearful meltdown because you accidentally hoover up her sock and don't immediately retrieve it, finishing the job first before pulling one very fluffy sock out of the vacuum cleaner.
8. Remind daughter you asked her to move toys and socks out of the room so you could hoover in the first place.
9. Have a bit of a cuddle then go to work feeling irritable.
10. Come home at 10:30pm to discover said daughter is poorly: having a reaction to her MMR vaccination from 6 days ago, with a fever, very swollen glands in her neck, a rash, and wheezy chest.
11. Give poorly child calpol and cuddles on the sofa then tell her stories in bed about her family until she nods off.
12. Feel have redeemed self slightly as a "comforting Mum", but still feel a little bad for earlier grumpiness.

This morning I made sure to tell E I love her very much. On the upside, her MMR reaction had subsided for the time being (it can come in waves as different elements of the jab kicks in) and she was happily singing to herself in bed. Anyway, it's all worth it. I'd much rather she reacted to a vaccine than had measles, mumps, or rubella. As for me, well, sometimes Mums do have to get on with the boring stuff. I can live with that. Tomorrow is another day.

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