Friday, 13 November 2015

Day to Day Battles

A certain little lady drove us up the wall last night, behaving like a little monster. Early evening consisted of her playing the game of "let's hit Mummy", which we managed to halt with a book about animals. Then later at dinnertime, E poured her cup of water onto the table, was up and down out of her chair like a yoyo and tipped all her dinner off her plate twice (despite being shut in her bedroom for 2 minutes as punishment the first time). The result was, she went to bed without bath, stories, or dinner, - just a mug of milk, which made me feel a bit mean, but we're getting it most nights that she won't eat properly and it's driving us nuts. Of course she was crying as she went, "I'mm nooot tiiiiiiireeeeeed" (total lie - she was exhausted and suffering with a cold, which was of course the problem). The OH suggested "wine......" which helped us relax, along with episodes of The Apprentice, Big Bang Theory and Masterchef on TV. E got her own back on us during the night by waking up hungry and snotty and grumpy. But I felt my Mummy skills return somewhat, when I stroked her hair and sang her lullabies and she fell asleep as I did so.

This morning, after some more grumpiness, breakfast did the trick and E calmed down. But not before having a meltdown about the fact I put her drink in a pink cup and not the purple cup. She'd only have breakfast once I'd poured it into the purple cup. Obviously this was a life and death situation.

Battles with Threenagers are tiring. I hate feeling like I'm being grumpy with E, or getting stressy. We do try to use carrots more than sticks. To encourage her to get stickers for good behaviour (currently not working). I also try to make a point of stating that her behaviour is bad/undesired, and not that she is good or bad, so that she knows she is a loved child. I'm not always successful, but I try. I still feel like I'm saying "No, don't do that" etc a lot more than I want to though. That I'm not much fun for her at the moment.

After breakfast, a bit of TV was followed by some play, and now she is happily engaged with her own imagination while I do some work on the laptop (and get sidetracked by writing this). So, what toys did she choose this morning out of all her selection?

Our remote controls.

"Daddy" remote went to pick up "child" remote from preschool I heard her say
"What did you do today? Probably nothing. I'm off to work now, byeeeeeee".

(When we ask E what she did at Preschool, her response is often "Nothing" or "I don't know", even when wearing a paint covered top!)

Now a "change" pot has joined the remotes in play. Copper coins may be useless as money, but make great "food", toy money, or "friends" it would seem :-). The smaller remote control is now having a nice cuddle and being told, "It's alright, it's ok, it's ok my darling, you'll feel better, have a nice snuggle".

I predict an up and down day ahead. Hopefully we'll end on a good note. Who knows?!

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