Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Housework = fun???!!

This afternoon, I'd told E that I needed to do some cleaning. I hate doing housework but there comes a point every so often when the crumbs on the carpet and layers of fluff on the woodwork demand attention.

E's response was to say, "Can I do dusting?". She likes to help with that (not a fan of the hoover). Of course I said yes. But we spent time on other activities and soon it was dinnertime, and no cleaning had been done.

At dinner, E piped up: "We didn't do dusting before tea". I suggested doing it tomorrow. In fact I offered two options, either I clean while she is at preschool or afterwards once she's back home. E chose the latter, and I'm not kidding you, she actually said "It will be a special treat!"*

Oh how I wish I'd had a video camera! I bet she won't view it the same way in a few years time.

*I would like to point out that we do have genuine fun together. Her response was not a result of spending all her life locked away in a cupboard with no toys

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