Monday, 14 September 2015

Summers End and Smiles

Well, I'm not quite sure where the summer vanished. One minute we were facing 6 weeks of no routine, empty days to fill, wishing for sunshine, then suddenly it's all over and time for E to start at Preschool.

You know, I can't even think what we've been up to! Hmm lets see....playing in the park, celebrating E's birthday (July feels a long time ago), seeing family, celebrating friends' birthdays, taking a train trip with Thomas the Tank Engine, going to the beach, and spending time with the people we care about. Something that's been lovely to watch this summer, is E's budding friendship with our neighbours' children. They live in the flat opposite ours, and are 3 and 5 now, a little girl "L", and her older brother "M". They are adorable. E's played with them since we moved into the flats, but this summer even more so - the three kids have taken to running in and out of their flats, playing in one then the other, or chasing each other in the garden. They are always so thrilled to spend time together. If E hears L & M in the garden, she jumps up on the sofa and calls out of the window at her friends, so happy to see them. When we go out and they spot us on our return home, they come running up to us to give E big cuddles (and us too :-) ). It's such a bonus of living in a flat with a communal garden. Given that E is an only child, it stops her from getting lonely at home. Not that she seems lonely. But growing up with siblings I always had playmates, and I sometimes worry she might miss out at times. Thanks to her friends at home, and friends in the area, I'm pretty sure I can stop worrying about her getting lonely. Hooray!

I've not kept up with noting many of the little titbits E has come out with over the summer. But I must share a couple that I can remember:

 Talking about our friends' baby that's due in November:
"Will baby understand what I'm talking about?"

When barging into the bathroom while I was on the toilet:
Me: "E...can you please shut the door. Either come in or go out. Daddy doesn't want to see me on the toilet".
E: "But Daddy can see you because he's your partner!"

When tidying up toys the other day:
"I'm going to put these in here for other babies who don't have toys. I don't need them any more. So other children can have them, as they don't have things. They might want them. " Bless her.

So many times E just makes us smile. Other times she drives us up the wall with her "threenager" behaviour. I guess that's life with a small child. But how we love her.

(Summer day trip to the New Forest Show)

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