Friday, 18 September 2015

An Admission of Guilt.

I'm going to be honest and say that one of the things I love about E going to Pre-school, is the way that the staff get her doing all the arty crafty stuff that I don't do with her much  at home. I feel guilty for not being a mum who does lots of sticking, collaging, painting, sewing, building etc. I mean to offer it, it's just that somehow it doesn't work out that way, we're busy doing other things. Plus I admit at times I'm reluctant to get things that could result in some sort of damage to the flat/paint on the carpet incident (she drew on the wall with pencils this morning, little monkey. She also worked out how to move her desk, climb up on it, and turn the bedroom light on, but I digress). Luckily, now that Pre-school is offering E the chance to do arts and crafts on a thrice-weekly basis, I feel less bad about only getting round to the occasional play-doh or a bit of painting.

I'm always thrilled when E brings her art home to show me. No matter how splodgy or mis-shapen any project may be, I love that she's got into it and had fun. Of course as her mother I will always think she's ultra-talented! Her latest piece is titled "Spiders". Beautiful.

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