Sunday, 12 July 2015

Some More Memories

Things have been hectic lately. I'm just not sure where the time is going, the weeks are zooming by. I'm reminded of how fast the time goes whenever I look at E and see how much she's grown.

This evening after dinner, E was talking about when she's older:

"When I'm bigger, I'll give my toys to babies and I'll do important things!". Bless her. She remembers us giving some of her old things to other people for their children who are younger than she is/yet to be born.

Then she started listing the important things she might be doing: "I'll push my child in the supermarket, and I'll wipe the table mats, and....". Guess what I was doing at the time? :-) This follows on from two baby related incidents earlier in the week:

1. One evening she said "I'm going to have a child when I'm bigger. Who will be the Daddy?!"
2. Recent play of sticking toys up her tops and telling me she's having a baby. Apparently I'm going to be a Grandma in September! This is before I actually am due to become an Auntie for the first time in the New Year (hooray!). E is aware she's going to have a cousin, and we've also got friends expecting in November, so it's kind of clear where this is coming from.

Anyway, she was being very lovely and adorable. A complete contrast to the tantrumming toddler we were faced with in the supermarket this morning. The upset all started because a song came on the radio in the car on the drive there, and she wanted me to "start it again from the beginning", which of course was impossible, given that we were listening to the radio not a CD. Cue meltdown! One of those ones where E produces a mass of tears, and hiccups and goes red in the face.

The situation deteriorated as, mean parents that we are, we then refused to grant her request to play a certain certain CD, as the result of her having a hissy fit. E was told she could listen to it on the way home instead, which went down like a lead balloon. As we got to the shops she continued with cries of "I want to go home!" and shared this with loudly with other shoppers as we made her sit in the trolley and bought food for the week ahead ("I don't want to do shopping, we don't need food"). We eventually got through it, and cuddles from Daddy made the world better again, as they always do.

Looking back on this morning some people might think we were harsh not to just play the CD E asked for. It made sense she wanted to hear it, as the song from the radio is on that CD, so she was very logical in her thinking. I can also see that as a toddler, it's asking a bit much for her to delay gratification and wait until the journey home for that song (a certain psychological experiment about sweeties springs to mind). The problem was, she had become so worked up when I couldn't fix the radio how she wanted that she then started thrashing in her seat and generally playing up. The question then became: how to grant E's request without her learning that screaming and crying and kicking got her what she wanted? Which when it comes down to it, was more the reason we said no.

Of course the real problem was that E was shattered after she & I went on a sleepover/playdate last night. E and her friend C eventually fell asleep around 10pm, then were up again by 6:30am. The late bedtime was the usual result of parental optimism that two small children might be able to share a bedroom, even though both are only children and not used to doing so. Ha! After much chaos, swapping of duvets, getting up for drinks, talking, changing pooey nappies etc, the two were separated, as they always eventually are when we try sleepovers. We keep hoping that if they're put in the same room together enough, that they'll learn to go to sleep ok, thus allowing for room sharing on group trips in the future. Ah well. We had fun though. E probably coped with the tiredness better than I did overall- I was the one who had an afternoon nap, she pushed on through then went to bed this evening still adamant she wasn't tired! She's bloody stubborn. Gets it from her Dad.

But just like her Dad she is also very kind and sweet, and makes us all laugh. In fact, E told me today that she & Daddy are going to go Tesco together when she is "bigger". She plans to use her own money to buy herself a blue bike, and also will buy Daddy a lion costume, because he wants to be a "princess lion" apparently! Who knew?!

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