Monday, 29 June 2015

Things That Made Us Smile

Just a few things that E has said/done that I don't want to forget.

  • The recently developed habit of randomly stripping off and dancing around naked. 
  • Singing a song about "Summer cummer summer cummer", dancing round before breakfast.
  • "I'm  a grown-up, you two aren't grown ups!" Yeah right.
  • "When I'm bigger, I'll be able to drive the blue car too!".
  • "That song's called 'Teenage Kicks'!". Daddy was so proud.
  • Calling lemonade "lemonnaise" or "mayonnaise" by mistake.
  • Being adament the word is "Ephelant", no matter how much we say "El-e-phant".
  • The funny tantrums. Because we wouldn't let her put wee'd on pyjamas back on at bedtime (I had to yank her away from the washing machine to stop her getting at them. What mean parents, wanting her to go to bed in clean pjs!). Because we weren't walking in the right direction to go to the park (we were). Because she asked for cucumber and then was given cucumber, the horror of it all!
  • The way she has started to sing along to the radio, albeit very out of tune. The current favourites are Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off", songs by "Pink" or anything "Lion King".
  • "WHY?" The question permanently on her lips. 
  • Her Lion King obsession: "Why does Simba run away?", "Why does he sleep on cracked earth?", "Can I put on a lion costume and sleep on cracked earth?". Daddy is fed up of discussing cracked earth!
  • The way that E memorises her favourite books. So although she can't read yet, there are some stories she can appear to read aloud to herself - like "the Tiger Who Came To Tea", "The Hungry Caterpillar", some Thomas the Tank Engine stories.....etc.
  • The way that E plays with her toys, making up stories about cars having birthday parties, or trains being Mummy and Daddy and all the things they do together.
  • The joy found in sandcastles, or splashing about in water.
  • The way E is little miss independent. "I WANT TO DO IT BY MYSELF!!"
  • How sweet E can be. Recently friends visited with their little baby, who is 5 months old. Baby H started crying. E said, "Why is she crying?". When we explained that she was hungry, E pottered into the kitchen and got some pasta, then brought it through to the living room to give to H. We said that was very sweet, but H only has milk. E disappeared into the kitchen, we heard her move her stool, and open the fridge. We knew what was coming! She put the milk on the kitchen worktop and said "Mummy, I need a cup!". Bless her. We had to explain that baby H only has breast milk. She accepted it.
  • The way E is so determined, even if this is why she gets cross and frustrated when she's too little to do things for herself. The expression on her face when she concentrates on things, her "serious face" (I do it too).
  • THE LOOK. The withering stare that one day will make any future partner shrive up, knowing they've said/done the wrong thing. As my friend R says, "It's the look that makes you feel this big *tiny finger gesture*!". The one where she's clearly thinking "don't be so stupid". I maintain she gets it from her Auntie B. Sometimes E will look at me with certain expressions on her face, and she looks exactly like her Auntie does. Which is lovely.
  • The times I manage to steal cuddles. Even if E then tells me "That's enough cuddles now". I then steal more.
  • How we can have little in jokes - if I steal food off her plate, and we both put our hands to our mouths and have a little giggle.
  • The fact that if I say "guess what?", E says "I love you" because she knows that's what I mean to say.
Time seems to be flying by. I'm sure there are things I meant to write and missed out. I'm sure there will be many more to come. 

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