Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Don't you just love cleaning up a load of poo before 7am?

If you're reading this while having breakfast, then I apologise, but the word poo in the title kind of gave you fair warning!

Bless E. When she woke up this morning, sometime between 6-6:30 as usual, she pottered about in her room, then decided to put pants on. You see, E is potty trained during the day, but will need nappies for a while yet at night.

So, she got some pants out of her drawer, sat on her beanbag, pulled her nappy down, and smeared poo everywhere. Goody!

The first I knew of it was when she came to tell me "The bean bag's got poo on it!". I then saw the tragedy of the smeared brown marks she had left behind. Because of course this was not a solid poo. Oh no, it was a sludgy one. Obviously. Why else would it be any other way?

I got E cleaned up, praised her for trying to get dressed, and discussed the need for not doing so alone if there is poo involved. Then I attempted to deal with the bean bag. E directed the initial part of the mission by saying very sadly, "Edward's bean bag is all dirty". (Edward is a big teddy bear who sits on "his" bean bag most of the time). Once assured that Mummy was on the case, E went off to the lounge to see just how many toys she could get out on the floor at once. Meanwhile, I was left being strong reminded of giving birth, as I tried to wrestle the stupid bag of beans out of a ridiculously small hole. I was determined not to break the tag and remove any beans from inside the bag. That would spell disaster.

After about 10 minutes, success! Mummy 1: Beanbag 0.

Alas, the cover is sponge clean only, which of course I am going to ignore because it's covered in poo. So I'm sure the bag will get its revenge on me by shrinking in the wash.

As for trying to force the bloody cover
back on again, well I think that's a job  for Daddy :-).

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