Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sleep at Bedtime?

We've come to see the OH's family today, to celebrate birthdays etc. After travelling, then a fun filled family afternoon,  E had her tea, a bath, and a story, then put off going to bed by saying 'goodnight' for as long as possible. Eventually she went upstairs.

E's Gran was upstairs and heard loud talking coming from the bedroom door: "Daddy, I don't want to go to sleep. Teddy, do you want to knock on the door and say 'Daddy I don't want to go to sleep?'!".

Daddy went upstairs to see E and was told, "I'm not tired and I haven't had a busy day", as though sleep is unnecessary.

But it's bedtime, so tough. Time for sleep.  (I'd happily have a nap myself actually). Can't blame her for trying though. Unfortunately for her we used all those tricks ourselves when we were young, so they aren't going to work on us :-).

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  1. Spoke too soon. E decided the best way to stay awake was to do a very big and stinky poo. After a nappy change, refusing her pj trousers, and swapping her duvet for a blanket, she's tucked back in bed. Now chatting away to herself. Let's hope she's talking herself to sleep.