Saturday, 25 April 2015

Just Another Saturday Morning.

We're having a pretty peaceful morning so far. I'm letting my OH have a lie-in. So far so good. Because it's a Saturday, I felt like making E a nice breakfast.  So I did this:

Unfortunately, a certain young lady couldn't see what this was meant to be! I though it was pretty obvious myself....

Meanwhile....we're running low on food, almost out of bread.  So to be kinds to my OH I left him the last of the bread so he can make toast, and instead I forced myself to have cookies and hot chocolate for breakfast (while E wasn't able to see, obviously! ). Just for his benefit you understand.  And of course, I had them while reading this:

I'm gearing up to it. E is going to be 3 in the summer so I can't really blame pregnancy for my poor physique anymore. My core muscles were rubbish to start with. The sweet tooth doesn't help either. We've still got a couple of months left until I'm likely to be wearing a bikini so I have a chance to get in shape for the summer. I'll start tomorrow ;-). 

Well....reading the book was the first step. Don't want to overdo things.

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