Friday, 3 April 2015

Birthday Non-suprise!

Today is my OH's birthday. Thanks to not getting in from work until 5am this morning (not the plan, something came up), E and I had to do very obvious last minute wrapping up in our bedroom once I woke up today.  She wrote her card for Daddy and watched me wrap his present from her. She then carefully carried them into the living room and presented them to her Dad, saying

"Here's some spotty socks for you! "

Not really worth wrapping up then! But she gave him a good giggle so she made him happy on his birthday.  Plus she remembered it was today.  Apparently she said this morning: "Today is Friday and it's your birthday'".

Meanwhile,  I'll be having words with the suppliers of the present from me. If I order something on 30th March for next day delivery, I don't expect it to be dispatched on the 2nd April!

Anyway, time to celebrate :-).

PS. Friends gave my OH some amazing deer shaped tongs as a present.  E has commandeered them to play with. The box said "this is not a toy" but I don't think she agrees.

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