Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Time to Update? Zzzzzzzzz

We've had a busy time of it lately, and my maternal guilt is kicking in slightly at my lack of writing with this blog, simply because there are so many little amusing things that E says and does, that I'm sure I've already forgotten about by not writing them down.

We've been seeing family and friends,  done a few day trips. One lesson learnt this weekend: One martini is ALWAYS enough. Never drink two. Especially not on an empty stomach. It will not end well, and post-children hangovers are more painful than any of those I might have had a decade ago. Toddlers and hangovers don't mix. Luckily my OH was utterly wonderful and really helped me get through it. I'm still ashamed though.  I wonder when E will have her first horrific experience with alcohol? Hopefully not for decades.........(saying "never" would be an unrealistic expectation, we've all been there).

So anyway, I'd been planning on writing a thorough post tonight, describing our recent trials, and successes, with potty training. But after dinner I'm too knackered. Let's just say: Bulgar wheat + toddler being naughty + carpet = irritating mess. So I'll save it for another day. I've rambled enough already and doubt I'd do it justice.

I'll leave you with this quote from E today, said to me just as I finished using the toilet: "Good job Mummy, you didn't get any wee wee in your pants". :-) Love her.

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