Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Poo and Other Things

E started off the day with a morning song:" Poo, poo, chocolate poo, I'm eating chocolate poo". In fact she was eating neither. What is it with toddlers and poo? ("Does Uncle Ben bend?" is a question she always asks me as I tell her to bend over so I can wipe her bum . I always say I'm sure he does when he has done a poo, though I have no idea which of her two Uncle Bens she is referring to,  and frankly I have no desire to see them doing a poo. But it amuses me how she always asks)

Anyway, after a dull morning we ended up at the New Forest Wildlife Centre with my friend and her little boy, who is 3.  E loves her friend.  She even told him so,  and asked to hold his hand! It was adorable.

The adults thoroughly enjoyed seeing the cute otters in residence. The toddlers thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the muddiest puddles they could find, while ignoring most of the animals. We finished up the day in the play area, where U had a great time on a sand digger.  E wasn't fussed about that, but to my amazement she proceeded to show that she could make a sandcastle "all by MYSELF" using a bucket and spade. Since I haven't seen her attempt this over the past 5-6 months, I was pretty impressed. She must have taken on board how she saw other  children make them last summer.  It's amazing what small children learn, without our even having a clue about it. A simple thing but a joy to watch nonetheless.

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