Sunday, 8 February 2015

Little Miss Independent

Yesterday morning, our independent little 2.5 year old decided that it was time for breakfast, and that since we were in bed, she was going to do it, "by myself". At the moment everything is ,"I want to do it BY MYSELF", except for using a potty but that's another story.

We live in a flat therefore everything is on one level. So we lay grinning as E* pottered in the kitchen. Using her kitchen steps she got herself a bowl and attempted to put Weetabix in it. She then got the milk out of the fridge. It was at this point she decided help was required and came to get us. Here's the result of her efforts:

I was rather proud. Later in the day she demonstrated her ability to retrieve things from the freezer too, which I didn't know she could do. She also made her Daddy proud by opening up a physics book by Richard Feynman and browsing through it. Admittedly we all knew it was because she saw the Penguin publishing symbol and was looking in the book for penguins. Who can blame her? Penguins are cute.

Speaking of firsts, on Friday I got to witness a friend's little boy sit himself up for the first time (actually the 2nd but he did that while no one was looking!). I thought how lovely it was to be witnessing another step of development.

Anyway, yesterday we had a pretty chilled out family day. Did some cleaning, shopping, cooking. Nothing special but we were in our own little bubble for the day, and it felt nice. E did lots of independent playtime, making up stories for all her toys. It's fun just to sit and listen to her. She makes us laugh a lot and feel very proud. I found myself thinking that whatever else I do or don't do in my life, we made E, and that's something special.

(*have decided to refer to the little one just as E from now on. It's easier).

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