Thursday, 8 January 2015

Back to The Every Day.

The holiday season was fantastic.  Lots of time spent with loved ones, free from working and communting  Good company,  good food & drink, and a chance for me, the OH, & ET to have proper time together. But this week it was time to go back to work.

So while I was in Winchester today,  my Mum brought the little one home again to Daddy in time for her tea. I was later told that the following happened: E told my Mum that her stripey bunny had to go back home with her (to Grandmas). After Grandma went home, ET said very seriously,  "I can't believe Grandma took bunny in her car" and then did some dramatic sighing. Like she had nothing to do with it!I got home in time to kiss her goodnight and she went to bed. A little later I heard music and found her relaxing with her musical seahorse nightlight/teddy, (her absolute favourite Christmas present). I went to give cuddles and kisses but was firmly told "No Mummy go out there. Go and talk to Daddy". So I did what I was told! At least he didn't reject me when I offered him a hug.

Anyway, as January, aka the most miserable month of the year, rolls along, I'll try to hang on to the joys of the holidays. Times like these:

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