Saturday, 24 January 2015

Amusing Little Titbits

My Darling ET,

Ever since you were born, you have kept myself and Daddy amused with your antics. Some were less funny at the time than they are now, but we can look back and laugh (changing certain poos was not the best experience!). However the older you get, and the more your imagination grows, the more Daddy and I find ourselves grinning at each other in response to the things you do. So before we forget them, here are some of the things that have amused us so far:

1. The way you are such a "contrary Mary".
2. The other day when you were singing a song. I thought I mis-heard the lyrics so asked what you were singing about. Your response? "Sick, sick sick, I'm singing about sick, Seal was sick, Emily was sick"....... lovely.
3. The time you asked for pieces of pepper for your lunch. We gave them to you, which for some unknown reason started a huge tantrum! You paused briefly to put on a tutu, then after a minute remembered you were supposed to be tantruming and returned to the tantrum, refusing all your lunch because we dared to fulfil your wish! Then a few moments later you calmly retrieved your lunch and ate it.
4. The first time, aged 19 months, when you slammed your bedroom door on us.
5. Your pretened sleeping, including snores.
6. Your pretend sulking - Grandma is in trouble for teaching you that one (she should know better! It's her response when you don't give her cuddles and kisses).
7. The recent new phrase of "it's not fair", used completely out of context.
8. The adorable way in which you recently took it upon yourself to set the table for dinner, and you went to the kitchen, took out a plate for each of us and put in on the table, then went back for the cutlery!
9. The way that we can use the threat of losing a bedtime story as a punishment to get you to stop being naughty! Also the fact that not being allowed to help empty the dishwasher or do cooking are also viewed as punishments! But sleep, on the other hand, you never want. Wait til you grow up. What you feel are chores and fun things will swap round I'm sure.
10. "The Look". You really know how to give a condescending gaze and make people feel teeny weeny inside.
11. The cheesy grin. It's the exact grin your Auntie B does if she's being a pain and wants to be forgiven. Irresistable.
12. The way when you first learned to talk, how you would go to touch something you shouldn't and look at us and grin while saying "no, no, no, no, no".
13. The fact that yesterday, while Daddy was in the kitchen, you used the potty in the living room. You then very carefully carried the full potty to the bathroom and emptied the contents into the toilet, before he even knew what you were up to!
14. The way that recently when Daddy got you out of your high chair after dinner, and you were unhappy about this because you had ordered me to do it, that when we were both out of the room, you climbed back in so that I could do the job! I thought Daddy had put you in, and he thought I'd done it. Neither of us knew you could even climb like that.
15. The way you like to spin in circles to make yourself dizzy.
16. The determined way you say "I want to do it BY MYSELF".
17. The way you grin when asking for things you know you're not allowed at that moment. Such as "want chocolate..." for breakfast. I'll let you in on a little secret - I've had chocolate for breakfast plenty of times. But being a parent means I'm allowed to take advantage of telling you one thing and doing another. That's my privilege.
18. The way you put stickers on everything.
19. Your giggle. The most beautiful sound ever.
20. The way we put you to bed and you snuggle down, then when we've left the room you sit back up, play music on your seahorse toy, and tell him all about your day. You have a good little chat before nodding off.

There will be many more things that aren't springing to mind right now. Peppa Pig is on in the background and it's distracting me! but I promise I will try to keep note of all of these things, so we don't forget them.


21. The way when you were being naughty, and rather than wait to be told off, you went and gave yourself a time out, then after 10 seconds came back to say sorry! We've not even had to use "time out" much. You just picked up on it really quickly. Another time when we were on a family holiday, you hit me when I was resting in the bedroom, and then went and told Daddy. He made you come and say sorry, which you then did, but you returned to the living room and told the assembled family, "Mummy hit me!". Luckily the fact that they know I wouldn't do that, and that you were grinning when saying it left everyone certain you were making it up. Little monkey.

So, to get you back, I shall share on here an embarrassing photo of you as a baby, when you'd done such a ridiculous poo that you needed bath rather than a nappy change. Ha ha ha. Another advantage of being a parent - being allowed to occasionally embarrass my child to make up for all those times that you go floppy on me so that I can't change your nappy/dress you, and the times you roll on the floor of the supermarket in a tantrum. Love you.

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